Saturday, March 2, 2013


This mobile app is designed to help you find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell biology related flow cytometry applications.

Molecular Probes mobile app is great for:
• Selecting science protocols for compensation beads, mouse and human immunophenotyping antibodies, cell health assays and live/dead reagents. 
• Finding Alexa Fluor® and Qdot®labeled mouse, goat and rabbit antibodies for immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry applications on Millipore, Amnis, Applied Biosystems and BD systems. 
• Choosing Calcium ion indicators, cell health assays, fluorophores and pH dyes for neuroscience, neurobiology and cancer research. 
• Discovering which Invitrogen, Gibco or Ambion cell health, cell culture, or reactive dye kits are best for benchtop cytometry, cell labeling, or antibody conjugation for microscopic labeling and detection. 
• Remote access to troubleshoot issues of: specificity, calibration, and weak signal using fix/perm kits, annexin V conjugates, and click chemistry.

You can download it from HERE!
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