Saturday, March 2, 2013


The Atomdroid app is a computational chemistry tool for the Android platform. It can be used as a molecular viewer/builder and contains local optimization and Monte Carlo simulation features. Install now and experience mobile computational chemistry!

List of features:
* molecular viewing (compatible with xyz and pdb files)
* trajectory analysis and viewing
* molecular building (export to xyz)
* PDB downloader (requires the Internet permission, downloads compressed pdb to save on your data plan)
* Atomdroid molecular libraries (requires the Internet permission)
* local optimization (L-BFGS and Powell algorithms)
* Monte Carlo simulation and analysis
* Global optimization using a Monte Carlo with minimizations approach
* Universal Force Field (UFF) implementation (currently without electrostatics)
* communication with other Atomdroid users via bluetooth and share your molecules (requires bluetooth permission, we are VERY cautious with using it)

You can download it from HERE!
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