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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Solution Calculator Lite

“Solution Calculator” is a convenient calculator for making chemical solutions and for diluting solutions using a stock solution. It helps you to quickly determine how much chemical/stock solution you need. It is useful for students taking chemistry classes, or researchers working in a biology, chemistry or biochemistry laboratory. You do not need to mess around with your calculator and can spend more time in your study or research.

Solution Calculator also contains a handy tool to calculate molecular weight (M.W.) of commonly used chemicals in the lab. You do not need to enter the name or molecular formula of the chemical, you just need to press a few buttons to get the MW of the chemical instantaneously.

You can download it from HERE!

Periodic Table

Learn the periodic table of elements with Socratica. Over 30 facts about each element for reference. Audio clips to help with pronunciation. Test yourself with quiz mode. Find elements by table, search or index.

You can download it from HERE!

Chemical compound information

Chemical compound information is a very useful application that allows you to search for information related to the chemical compound.

Moreover, the search returns links to sites containing more information on the structures.

The application works only with an active internet connection, and then the information is current.

You can download it from HERE!

Real-Time PCR

Real-time PCR Android Application from Life Technologies, a collection of easy-to-use real-time PCR resources, is an excellent learning tool for researchers new to real-time PCR and a comprehensive reference for researchers already experienced with the techniques. The application’s main feature is a real-time PCR handbook covering all aspects of real-time PCR from the basics of how the technology works to data analysis and interpretation. Other key features include


This mobile app is designed to help you find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell biology related flow cytometry applications.

Molecular Probes mobile app is great for:
• Selecting science protocols for compensation beads, mouse and human immunophenotyping antibodies, cell health assays and live/dead reagents. 
• Finding Alexa Fluor® and Qdot®labeled mouse, goat and rabbit antibodies for immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry applications on Millipore, Amnis, Applied Biosystems and BD systems. 
• Choosing Calcium ion indicators, cell health assays, fluorophores and pH dyes for neuroscience, neurobiology and cancer research. 
• Discovering which Invitrogen, Gibco or Ambion cell health, cell culture, or reactive dye kits are best for benchtop cytometry, cell labeling, or antibody conjugation for microscopic labeling and detection. 
• Remote access to troubleshoot issues of: specificity, calibration, and weak signal using fix/perm kits, annexin V conjugates, and click chemistry.

You can download it from HERE!

Cell Imaging - Molecular Probes Cell Imaging Guide with Protocols

Molecular Probes Cell Imaging Guide with Protocols

This mobile app is designed to help you find fluorescent dyes, reagents and protocols for cell biology related fluorescence microscopy applications. 

NDKmol - molecular viewer

NDKmol is a molecular viewer for Android. You can view three dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules. NDKmol supports most of common representations for molecules, such as ribbon, trace, stick, sphere and line. NDKmol also supports symmetry operations; biological assemblies and crystal packing can be displayed. You can search and download structures from RCSB PDB and NCBI Pubchem.


The Atomdroid app is a computational chemistry tool for the Android platform. It can be used as a molecular viewer/builder and contains local optimization and Monte Carlo simulation features. Install now and experience mobile computational chemistry!

List of features:
* molecular viewing (compatible with xyz and pdb files)
* trajectory analysis and viewing
* molecular building (export to xyz)
* PDB downloader (requires the Internet permission, downloads compressed pdb to save on your data plan)
* Atomdroid molecular libraries (requires the Internet permission)
* local optimization (L-BFGS and Powell algorithms)
* Monte Carlo simulation and analysis
* Global optimization using a Monte Carlo with minimizations approach
* Universal Force Field (UFF) implementation (currently without electrostatics)
* communication with other Atomdroid users via bluetooth and share your molecules (requires bluetooth permission, we are VERY cautious with using it)

You can download it from HERE!

Visual Anatomy Free

Visual Anatomy Free is an interactive reference, and education tool. It contains 18 high-resolution images and more than 250 feature points which can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own label and short description. The app also has search function which can be used as searching the labels of all feature points. 8 overview images from Gray's anatomy. Full version has all 1247 images.
In additional, a quiz with 23 multi-choice questions also is included.

You can download it from HERE!
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