Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shazam - Identify songs in just one second

Music - Identify songs in just one second, preview or buy the title, learn the words streaming, YouTube videos and more. TV - The fans in the United States may tag the TV programs ALL TIME for music, gossip about celebrities, topics and more. All channels. All programs.

You can also:
• Save and listen again (30 sec previews).
• View streaming music sync words
• Buy on Amazon MP3 titles easily
• View additional content while watching TV
• Watch videos & concerts on YouTube
• Listen to your tagged songs on Spotify
• Share tags on Facebook & Twitter
• Discover new music on Shazam Friends & Ratings in
• See when an artist is on tour
• When you see the logo Shazam on your TV screen, Tag it for additional content
• The use even when you have no signal
• tag from your home screen with the Shazam Widget
• You remember where you were when you tagged this song with rental.

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